Sharepoint Event Scheduler And Planner: What is Events Scheduling and how does it work

Event Scheduling is a Sharepoint app that can be quickly and easily used to find the best date and time for a meeting with multiple people.  First you can suggest a location, short description and dates and times of the event, then for each participants is created a request form for feedback. As each participant selects dates and times from the options, the app aggregates the responses and allow to select the best option for everyone.

Sharepoint Event Scheduler in action

Event Scheduling it’s very easy to use.  The app walks you through the 3 steps necessary to create and select the best options between the proposed dates:

  1. Schedule an Event
  2. Respond to an event Request
  3. Manage Event

Each step of the way there are options to make the whole process easier for you and for the people you’re trying to meet with.

  1. Schedule an Event

The first step in scheduling an event is to fill out a simple form with the title, place, and note of the event.  This information will be visible to all participants.

In the second step it’s possible to select the dates and times to share with all participants.

For selecting a new date you just need to click on date box, if instead you want to change the time you can follow these steps:

  • Switch from month view to day view or click on day number
  • Find your event in day view and resize the event

In the third step it’s possible to choose the participants and send them an email with request details.

  1. Respond to an event Request

On home page or in “Requested Events” view it’s possible to choose personal open event requests to whom you want to respond.

  1. Manage Event

In “My Events” view you can manage the open event requests. You can view all partcipants’ responses, close the event without notification or select the best options and notify all participants by email.