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Scuola Superiore degli Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento S.Anna - Pisa
Anno Accademico 2008
Tirocinante: Mehdi Ben Haj Abbes
Tutore aziendale: Ing.Michele Barbagli
Stage di laurea in Informatica

Web 2.0 enhancemen & Web development with JEE

Plan objective

Software developers need to have a number of traits in order to practice their craft well. First, they must be good analytical thinkers and problem solvers. A developer’s primary role is to create software that solves business problems. This requires analyzing customer needs and coming up with successful, creative solutions. They also need to be curious. Developments in the software industry are moving targets, always evolving. New frameworks, new techniques, new languages, and new methodologies are constantly emerging. Each one is a new tool that needs to be mastered and added to the toolbox, allowing the developer to do his or her job better and faster. My internship with Sintra Consulting provided me with the great opportunity to be involved in a concrete way with these two issues, first by contributing in developing and enhancing real web projects answering to customer needs and then to deal with many new technologies within the framework of developing enterprise applications that aims to deploy fault-tolerant, distributed, multi-tier applications, based largely on modular components running on an application server without forgetting the interaction experience with the provided web services that have got an increasing attention these last years through what is called WEB 2.0.

Final consideration
In this internship I had the opportunity to work with different technologies that can be used to develop a web application and more specifically a Content management System, as I have been involved with new concepts related to this business and which is in continuous expansion due to the adoption of the users and the growing of the communities supporting it and which can be evoked as Rich Internet Applications and Web 2.0.
But during my internship and for this environment and concepts, I was only implicated with the Ajax goodness and the proper use of CSS and still many other technologies and services like wikis, weblogs, REST, folksonomies, . . . related to this domain that present a big interest and which continue to attract users and which I have not yet discovered and experienced.

Also this internship provided me with the opportunity to be implicated with the different layers of an n-tier application from the persistence layer and the business layer to the presentation layer, but during my training period, I was mostly been involved with the presentation layer, since our users main concern is the friendliness of the user interfaces and their navigation experience inside the web application and its responsiveness, so a good future experience for me will be to handle the business layer that should translate the business logic of the concrete business into coherent and well designed modules within the business layer that have communicate and interact effectively with the layer above which is the presentation layer and the layer beneath with is the persistence layer that should take care of the ORM issues for the advantages he is presenting.

Prof. Piero Castoldi (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna) & Mr. Michele Barbagli (Sintra Consulting SRL).

Sintra Consulting è partner ufficiale del: "International Master on Information Technology:  "Comunication Networks Engineering".

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